ShimmerCat caches static assets at the edges using two different caching classes. Depending on configuration, they are either cached as normal files (NF) or as generated assets (GA). For assets cached as normal files, the best way to notify the edges of new versions of the files is through the so called "changelists". For generated assets, the most straightforward way to notify the edges of new content versions is by using new query strings. Each of these mechanisms works only in its caching class: changelists for normal files, new query strings for generated assets. 

But there is a third mechanism which works for both, namely, using our API to evict entries from the edge caches. Please use the attached guide for details.

If you want to use our FUSE filesystem so that changes to static assets are propagated automatically, you can find it here: . Please open a ticket if you need help setting it up, we will be glad to help.  There are also versions to two alternative implementations of the changelist agent here:

If you want to implement your own changelist solution, please refer to this document: